1. What is Macro Mass?

A. Macro Mass is an online pharmacy based in Asia. We export only Legal & Branded products at buyer’s risk only.

2. All are items available for immediate dispatch?

A. We focus primarily on keeping our website up to date in terms of both pricing & stocks availability, But confirmation of stocks availability before you place your order or even before paying for your order by Contacting us via the Contact Us page or the listed mediums of communication on the Contact Us page or by e-mailing us is always recommended.

3. I see products on your website with a Dollar Sign. Which dollar is that? And what about prices in other currencies?

A. First and Foremost, All prices for all the products in all the categories listed on our website are in US Dollars. For prices in other currencies please use Google Currency Converter or use XE.COM.

4. I have placed an order on your website, But i haven’t received any order confirmation e-mails yet?

A. Order confirmation e-mails are system generated & sent immediately soon as the order is placed on the website. Please check your JUNK/SPAM folder for e-mails from us. Please be sure to add [email protected] or [email protected] to your list of contacts ensuring no further e-mail from us ever goes to your JUNK/SPAM Folders again.

5. How long after payment do we take to ship an order?

A. All orders are shipped on Weekends only. Payments must be made at least 4 days prior to Shipping Day for an order to be packed & shipped in time. If for some reason we could not ship order at one Weekend it would be shipped at the next weekend. Therefore, Please keep that in mind before placing your order. Dispatch times are irrespective of transit times.

6. Do we provide trackings for orders?

A. Yes, For each and every order we provide trackings within 24 to 48 hours after the order has been shipped.

7. How do I know the status of my parcel after it has been shipped?

A. For your convenience we firstly have the TRACK SHIPMENTS page on our website. There are a few other recommended websites as well for tracking parcels like 17Track.NET & AfterShip.COM etc. It is also suggested to track on your native country’s postal website as well.

8. Which countries can we ship to?

A.  We ship Worldwide.

9. What is our packing method?

A.  A Rattle-Free, Noise-Less, Air-Tight, Water-Proof, Carbon Paper, Bubble Layer, Mylar Bag Applied packing is as per our experience the best packing any one could ask for. Further, We do experiments with the contents inside by packing them in different ways. Also, we are open to suggestions and always welcome customer recommendations on packing.

10. Which shipping methods are available?

A. Shipping methods depends on the country the items are being shipped from. Since our primary stocks are Our Philippines Stocks the available Shipping methods for items shipped from Philippines are:

a. EMS (Express Mailing Service) which is trackable, requires signature upon delivery & takes approx 4 to 7 Days for delivery after dispatch.

b. Reg. Airmail (Registered Airmail Service) which is trackable, does not require any signature upon delivery & takes approx 12 to 16 days for delivery.

11. How do I know about the Shipping charges?

A. Shipping charges vary by country of Origin the parcel is being shipped from and are calculated at the checkout.

12. How much time do we take to respond to the customer e-mails?

A. We respond to customer e-mails soon as we read them. We reply to each and every e-mail sent to us immediately. We try to stay connected to our clients in a variety of ways that mostly other vendors don’t offer. Please try checking our Contact Us page for having a list of ways to connect to us.

13. What if someone doesn’t receive any response from us?

A.  Pease check your spam/junk folder. We respond to each and every customer. We encourage customers to connect with us over real time communication mediums for a better understanding of things.

14. What payment methods are accepted?

A.  Besides PayPal, Since it does not work in our country where we receive payments, All other Wire & Digital payment methods work for us.

15. How can customers send us payments?

A.  Payment details can be sent to us simply by submitting them using the SEND PAYMENTS page on our website. Customers can also e-mail us their payment details at any of our e-mail addresses: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] or at [email protected].

16. Can orders be placed on the 24/7 online chat support given on Macro Mass?

A. Yes, customers can get details, place orders or give us feedback any time on the 24/7 online chat support given on Macro Mass.

For any further details, questions or suggestions please feel free to give us a call back on our 24 hour helplines For USA: +1-315-633-3311 , For UK : +44-115-888-0801 , For Australian Clients: +61-7-3040-3060 or e-mail us at [email protected] .

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