Terms & Conditions

Please do not confirm your order until you have completely understood and accepted all of our Terms and Conditions.

1.    There is no refund offered by us in any case once we have received the payment.

2.    We offer reships only if the parcel is lost or misplaced, tracking status never updated within the country of origin the parcel is being sent from. Once a parcel leaves the Origin country it’s out of our hands and there is nothing, we can do about it. 

3.    We offer partial or full reships & compensations as well but only to those clients that are regular customers.

4.    Smashed/Crushed items in transit would not be our responsibility in any case. There would be no reships, no refunds, no compensations, no replacements in any case for Smashed/Crushed items.

5.    We pack the contents of the order as they are supposed to be. In case the customer receives fewer or different items rather than those ordered please immediately contact us within 24-48 Hours’ time period from the date of delivery. If the customer passes the 48 Hours period and then contacts us it would not be noticed by us and would not be considered valid.

6.    In case of missing, less or different items, the customer must send us a high-quality picture of the packaging showing the weight of the package written by postals and the original tracking number attached to the parcel. Missing, Less or different items would be compensated only with new orders only.

7.    Besides PayPal we accept Payments by All available known methods. Payments are always sent to PAKISTAN no matter which location the customer chooses to order from. 

8.    We would not be responsible for any delays in postal systems worldwide, Whether it’s even in our own country. Our job is to pack your order and book it to be sent by the customer selected courier. We may provide the order booking slip within 24 hours on customer’s demand.

9.    We would not be responsible if your parcel is misplaced, lost, stolen or seized in the destination country. Customer’s job is to provide us a neat address on which no other parcels are coming from anywhere. Flagged addresses, or addresses receiving several parcels have the highest chances of putting both the sender and receiver at risk.

10.  Customers can demand a picture of the parcel before it is being sent. Please put the note in the comments box while completing the order.

11.  Payments without necessary details would not be withdrawn and thus orders of such type would be cancelled. We would require always important details such as the payment sender’s First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Quantity of amount sent, Contact Number of the Payment Sender, Currency in which the amount is sent and Origin from where payment is sent for payment withdrawal purposes only.

12.  Please choose “Money in Minutes” as the default payment receiving option when sending payments through Western Union or Money Gram.

13.  If payment for any order is not received within 72 hours of the order completion, consider it deleted from our website. Please ask us before making payment for such an order which is more than 72 hours old.

14.  We will update our Terms & Conditions from time to time without any prior notice. So, none has the right to interfere in that. Once the new Terms & Conditions are posted they will be effective immediately. Previous Terms & Conditions would no longer be valid/accepted in such a case.

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